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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) is the result of an Inspection & Verification assessment of the energy utilisation and relative efficiency of a qualifying building.  It hence provides Building Owners and Facilities Managers with information on their building’s energy efficiency status, which then allows them to improve this measure with various retrofit and operational initiatives.   An energy efficient building attracts higher purchase prices, better occupancy rates and reduced operational costs, and contributes to lower energy consumption and ultimately less greenhouse gas emissions.

EPCs have been in place for decades in other countries such as Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, United States and has been instrumental in successfully driving the more effective use of energy in the built environment.  The image below, courtesy of the World Green Building Council, demonstrates the numerous United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that are supported by resource-efficient, environmentally responsible buildings.


The South African Government formalised the Regulations for the Mandatory Display and Submission of Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings in December 2020 which forms an integral part of the National Energy Efficiency Strategy.  It requires all buildings of a minimum size and classification to obtain EPCs within a 2 year period with the intention of dramatically reducing wasted energy use.  

Buildings account for 22% of South Africa’s energy-related carbon emissions (source: Climate Transparency) and South Africa is the world’s 14th largest emitter of greenhouse gases (source: The Carbon Brief).   EPCs contribute to improving these statistics and positively influencing climate change!


A building will require an Energy Performance Certificate to be issued prior to December 2022 if you answer Yes to ALL steps below:

Step 1: Is the building classified as any of the following?  If “Yes”, proceed to Step 2.

Entertainment & Public Assembly (A1) – where people gather to eat, drink, dance or participate in any other recreation.

Theatrical & indoor Sport (A2) – where people gather for the viewing of theatrical, operatic, orchestral, choral, cinematographical or sport performances.

Places of Instruction (A3) – where school children, students or other persons assemble for the purpose of tuition or learning.

Offices (G1) – where occupancy includes offices, banks, consulting rooms and other similar usage.

Step 2: Is the building an existing one, been in operation for 2 years and has not been subjected to a major renovation or change of occupancy within past 2 years of operation?  Major renovation either requires submission of building plans and designs to an approval body OR affects building zoning OR require approved plans from the local council.  If “Yes”, proceed to Step 3.
Step 3:Does the building have the following minimum Nett Floor Area depending on the building owner/operator/occupier?  Nett Floor Area is the sum of all areas between the vertical building components (walls/partitions) excluding garages, car parks and storerooms.

Public – Organ of state (all National, Provincial and Local Government entities)

1 000 m2

Non-Public eg. Local / Foreign Private companies, State-Owned Enterprises

2 000 m2

If you answered “Yes” to all steps, we look forward to hearing from you. Click below to book a complimentary 1-on-1 discussion with us.


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Compile information

Compile all requirements, and together with assistance from our technical team, we will conduct an opening meeting at the building site to fully prepare.

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Together with your team, we conduct the on-site audit to inspect and verify all requirements, and advise on any outstanding matters.

Issue Certificate

The report and recommended energy performance level is reviewed and authorised by our Technical Signatory.  The EPC is issued once SANEDI reviews data and provides a Unique Number.

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