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Alliance Energy (Pty) Ltd is a SANAS Accredited Inspection Body to issue Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for Buildings as defined by SANS 1544:2014 (EPC0004). We effectively integrate the stringent requirements of the SANAS accredited quality management system with a client focused digitised process and delivery ethic.  As a new industry, a large part of the market requires education and hand-holding to understand and successfully navigate the requisites to ultimately achieve the best possible energy performance level.  We aim to simplify and support our clients whilst maintaining the objectivity, confidentiality and professionalism principles.  Our Green Code, Empowerment Code and Customer Experience Code are all internal focus areas that align the team to exceptional performance and responsibility.

The Alliance Energy team is distinguished by our highly qualified engineers, architects and technicians and network of experienced specialists who have extensive energy and auditing experience, and are passionate about meaningfully contributing to the energy efficiency drive.  Our prominent leadership has over 60 collective years of specialized engineering, energy auditing, measurement and verification, SANAS accreditation system and project management knowledge and practical proficiency. To play an active role in the development of the industry, we are members of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and the South African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC).   

Based in Midrand, Johannesburg, we operate across South Africa.


Operations Director/Technical Manager/Quality Director

Mohau Dithejane

Operations Director/Technical Manager/Quality Director
Managing Director

Vishnu Pather

Managing Director


Impartiality Policy Statement

Impartiality is one of the core principles of Alliance Energy’s (AE) business operations, and it is of the utmost importance that no conflict of interest ever exists between a representative of AE and the client or related body.  

Impartiality is the actual and perceived presence of objectivity.  Objectivity means that no conflict of interest exists or is resolved when identified so as to not adversely affect the operations of AE, as a SANAS accredited Inspection Body (IB).  AE is committed to an impartial service to provide credibility and confidence to our clients by ensuring all processes address impartiality threats, and identifying and mitigating risks to objectivity.   

Confidentiality Policy Statement

Confidentiality is a core principle of Alliance Energy’s (AE) business operations due to the nature of proprietary information that is sourced from the client and their premises to fulfil the EPC procedures. It is of the utmost importance that confidentiality is always upheld between the representatives of AE and the client.  

AE has comprehensive confidentiality measures to manage the limited access to information that the client itself does not make public, and which is always maintained as private by AE. Similar measures apply to all AE business- and staff-related information, and intellectual property.

Complaints and Appeals

Alliance Energy commits to servicing its clients and stakeholders to the highest professional, reputable and ethical standards. However, there may be times when one or more of the service aspects or final results are not to their satisfaction. It is in those cases that a formal complaint or appeal can be filed with us. A Complaint is a formal grievance lodged by a client or stakeholder regarding aspects such as behaviour, timelines, communication, negligence, incompetence or differences in opinion at any stage during the EPC process. An Appeal is a formal notification of disagreement by our client or stakeholder with the final decision reached by our EPC process.

The rights for clients or third parties to raise complaints and appeals are inherent to an accountable SANAS accredited Inspection Body. Alliance Energy is committed to handling these in a structured, impartial and confidential manner so as to competently and expediently resolve the issue(s) to give credibility to the assessment process and final result.

Contact us should you require a copy of our Complaints & Appeals Policy and Procedures or complete this Reporting of Complaints or Appeals Formto lodge a Complaint (within 10 working days of incident) or Appeal (within 5 working days of EPC issue).



Our client and team interaction and updates, as well as internal operations, are highly digitized to leverage latest technology in delivering excellence.

SANAS Accreditation

South African Regulations stipulate that all EPC providers are SANAS accredited.  We are pleased to advise that we are one of the first few in the process.

Qualified & Experienced

Our team of engineers, technicians and architects are highly qualified, and the senior team themselves have >68 years related experience and specialist qualifications.  




Our leadership are all highly recognized, successful, reputable, and fully committed to delivering to our highest potential.


Buildings based nationally can be serviced due to our interactive digital platform and network of Assessors.


Exceptional Client experience and delivery is embedded in the heart of our operations whilst ensuring the independence and quality statutory requirements.


B-BBEE Level 1 EME, 100% Black Women Owned.

We are committed to a diverse team providing employment opportunities for upcoming professionals as well as mentoring SMMEs in the EPC industry.


We always looking for qualified engineers, technicians and architects to join the exciting impactful world of energy efficiency as Energy Assessors or Lead Assessors, either in a permanent or contracted capacity. Submit your CV here: 

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